A Usability Study of Teacher Help: Classroom Management

The goal of the proposed research project is to evaluate the usability of a new module for an existing eLearning program for classroom teachers called Teacher Help. The new module is designed to provide training in evidence-based classroom management strategies to decrease disruptive classroom behaviour. Participants will be classroom teachers (n =20) and other stakeholders (e.g., school psychologists, parents, behaviour specialists; n = 20), who will access the program and rate the usability of the module after completing each of the six sessions in the new module, and at the end of the program. Participants will be rating the module using a questionnaire based on Morville’s User Experience Framework, which will assess their perception of the module’s accessibility, credibility, desirability, findability, usability, usefulness, and value. The partner organization will benefit from the proposed project’s novelty and by the elucidation of stakeholder perceptions of behavioural eLearning programs for teachers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Penny Corkum


Matt Orr


Springboard Atlantic




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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