A Virtual Network for Arctic Youth Mental Wellbeing

This project, a collaboration between the Arctic Youth Network (AYN) and Project CREATeS, is to create a virtual platform that supports suicide prevention in Arctic youth by building a virtual community, as well as to promote mental wellbeing through digital and creative media.
The proposed youth-led, community-based research agenda builds upon a successful grant completed in collaboration with the Arctic Council and the Inuit Circumpolar Council, from 2017-2019. Project CREATeS (www.ProjectCreates.com) afforded youth an opportunity to be directly involved in the suicide prevention activities of the Arctic Council. The project successfully engaged 50 youth from each of the Arctic member states, and the Permanent Participant Organizations that sit on the Arctic Council. Bringing together diverse Indigenous youth from across the Arctic highlighted key issues of importance to youth, and also gave them an international forum to express their ideas and to impact policy development related to the region.

Faculty Supervisor:

Allison Crawford


Alexis Bornyk;Brittany Graham


Arctic Youth Network






University of Toronto



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