A Wireless Wearable Multi-parameter Physiology Multi-sensor System

Miniaturization and microintegration is well known for their potentials in providing microsystems and sensors with unmatched performance, reliability, and lower costs. Current technologies in implementation of microsensors, however, span a large variety of platforms. It is thus common for microsensors measuring differing parameters to exist on different combinations of substrates, not to even mention the associated signal conditioning, processing, and data communication electronics. It remains a challenge to integrate multiple sensors with complex electronics into a single high-density microsystem, particularly for certain applications in medical diagnostics and healthcare where flexibility of the substrate and biocompatibility become crucial considerations. Traditional microintegration technologies such as system-in-package, system-on-chip, and advanced assembly and packaging, are often inadequate. It is the goal of this research project to develop a mutliparameter single locus integrated multilayer polymer microsensor system to address the fundamental issues of high-density integration, flexibility, biocompatibility, easy application, high sensitivity, and reliability for medical grade diagnostics and other physiological monitoring applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bozena Kaminska


Yindar Chuo


Adigy Inc.




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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