Abrasive Waterjet Polishing of Large Hydraulic Turbine Blades Year Two

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of the hard-to-reach areas of the hydraulic turbine blades using abrasive waterjet polishing method. By this way, the energy lost caused by parietal friction between the turbine blades and the flow will be decreased and consequently the efficiency of the turbine will be improved. Previously, the polishing process of some parts of the turbines was performed manually which caused uneven finished surface and poor quality in some areas. With this method, through a uniform polishing strategy, the desired surface quality can be achieved. The polishing parameters affecting the quality of the final surface using this method have been initially investigated during the PhD research of the applicant. During post-doc, a comprehensive experimental study will be done on this process and using a more advance test-rig polishing of more complex surfaces similar to those of hydraulic turbines will be performed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Souheil-Antoine Tahan


Hamed Khakpour


ALSTOM Renewable Power Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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