Accelerated Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in Mine Tailings

Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to limit the impacts of climate change requires implementation of CO2 reduction technologies across a wide variety of industries. This research project will develop carbon management and sequestration technologies for reducing CO2 emissions in the mining industry with a focus on diamond mines in Canada, South Africa and Botswana. The outcomes of this research will be used by mine operators to implement carbon sequestration processes, which will improve mine waste management practices and environmental performance, reduce operational costs, and benefit local communities. This research will aid Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy and make significant contributions to environmental sustainability, while providing knowledge and training for three postdoctoral fellows in mineral carbonation and tailings management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian Power;Siobhan (Sasha) Wilson;Gregory Dipple


Carlos Januario Fernandes e Silva Paulo;Nina Zeyen;Connor Charles Turvey


De Beers Group


Environmental sciences




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