Accelerating Solar/LED Community Lighting

This project with the nature of business research tends to talk about LED development and variable applications, specifically about solar/LED at the community public lighting, complying with the roadway lighting design code approved by the city of London, ON and relevant professional bodies. The content analysis of main LED suppliers and LED industry, together with evaluating the results of completed pilot LED cases will provide constructive suggestions on the creation of a solar/LED street lighting system for smart communities. The benefit of LED technology and the solar powered LED in street lighting will be fully discussed. One of the biggest benefits, the energy saving with end objective of Net ZERO energy street lighting will be investigated by taking into account the loss of power transmission and the consumption of other relevant electric devices in real application, compared to the existing technology of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) luminaires, which is commonly used in roadway lights. The contribution of my paper is to provide the partner organization a comprehensive view of regulations, market and project development and play a guiding role for its street lighting projects and achieve the pre-defined performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kimberly Bates


Qian Gao


S2E Technologies Inc.






Ryerson University



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