Acceptability of Multimedia animations as preoperative multi-language guides for surgical patients in Montreal

Effective patient communication is challenging and obstacles such as health literacy, culture and language play a vital role in comprehension and can influence treatment outcomes. Tools to help healthcare professionals educate patients present limitations, particularly for patients with barriers to traditional teaching methods. Preoperative education helps patients to experience less anxiety, take an active role in decision-making process, and increase self-efficacy. Multimedia tools for patient education are effective at all ages and the use of audiovisual resources can improve learning and optimize clinical outcomes. This study aims to assess acceptability of creation and application of multimedia animation as preoperative multi-language guides for surgical patients in Montreal, as well as analyze patient satisfaction with the animations. Short animations will be created focusing on the holistic education of patients about preoperative information, offering an overview of the treatment, the surgical procedure and the postoperative phase.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dan Deckelbaum


Gabriel Schnitman






Health care and social assistance


McGill University



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