Access and Equity for LGBTQ2S+ Businesses in Canada

The Diversity Institute (DI) aims to work in partnership with CGLCC to identify barriers for entrepreneurship in the LGBTQ2S+ community and drive inclusive innovation in the Canadian business ecosystem. Through in-depth interviews with LGBTQ2S+ business owners across Canada, recruited through CGLCC’s supplier network and diverse partners, the project aims to fill the gap in available data on these businesses. It will shed light on the specific barriers and challenges that these businesses face, and the areas where they tend to differ from other Canadian businesses in terms of processes, culture, leadership and support needs. Finally, the project aims to identify opportunities and offer recommendations for policy-makers, funders, investors and other businesses to foster equity and inclusion for LGBTQ2S+ entrepreneurs and leaders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wendy Cukier


Bryanna Hines


Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce




Other services (except public administration)


Ryerson University



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