Acetal-Free carbohydrate antigens and their multivalent display for lung cancer immunotherapy

This collaboration between pharmaceutical company NuvoBio and a Research Team led from the University of Windsor and working with Dalhousie and the University of Western Ontario seeks to develop a new vaccine for lung cancer. The students and postdoctoral fellows will be making new types of molecules and investigating some underlying questions about how we formulate vaccines, as well as preparing these promising compounds and studying their safety an efficiency in preventing and eliminating lung cancers. This will expose everyone on the team: interns, professors, and company leaders and scientists, to a mixture of new chemistry, biochemistry, and immunology. The company aims to use the knowledge gained to help make the new vaccine, and provide society with a new treatment for lung cancer.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Trant


Ashanul Haque


NuvoBio Corporation


Biochemistry / Molecular biology






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