Acoustic Emission Testing for Damage Assessment of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes

The industrial partner is fabricating fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite polymer pipe products for use primarily in the oil and gas sector. This research project explores methods for damage and leakage detection for these piping systems. Of primary interest is Acoustic Emission (AE) testing to isolate, localize and identify damage effects. In this context, the design and manufacture of suitable composite samples shall be undertaken, followed by controlled experimental testing applying different mechanical loading scenarios. The project also involves supporting the identification and procurement of suitable AE equipment. The project further progresses to identifying and characterizing different types of damage events in composite structures. The study of methodologies for triangulating damage locations and creating monitoring algorithms, as well as considering and contrasting alternative damage and leakage detection methodologies will conclude the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pierre Mertiny


Hadi Nazaripoor




Engineering - mechanical



University of Alberta


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