Action Research on Youth Physical Literacy in Recreation

Physical literacy means developing the foundational skills and the confidence required to participate in regular physical activity, play a sport or get to the podium. Research shows that physical activity levels start to decline as children enter into adolescence. Recreation organizations, such as YMCA Calgary are interested in finding out how their programs help support youth to stay active. Through action research, a unique strategy where researchers and practitioners work together on a particular project, this project aims to determine the effectiveness of youth programs that focus on helping youth stay active taking place at YMCA Calgary. A PhD student from Brock University will work alongside the staff at YMCA Calgary to evaluate their programs to help inform YMCA Calgary on what is working well and learn about what changes they could make to help youth develop confidence, motivation and the skills to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Mandigo


Jennie Petersen


YMCA Calgary




Life sciences




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