Active Flow Control Using Plasma Actuators for Aircraft Drag Reduction

New technologies are needed to meet the environmental targets set for the future of air and ground transportation, and to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for electric power generation. The present project aims at developing a novel flow control technology, which can generate significant aerodynamic improvements, leading to reduction of aerodynamic drag of air and ground vehicles, and better efficiency and durability of wind turbines. The proposed flow control technology combines plasma actuators, as one of the latest and most efficient flow manipulation devices, with a modern flow control approach based on secondary flow instabilities. Throughout the project, the prototype hardware elements of this flow control technology will be developed based on wind tunnel research and experimentation. The outcomes of the project will lay the scientific and technological foundations for the relevant industries, to employ the plasma actuator flow control technology towards developing more fuel-efficient vehicles, as well as more efficient and durable wind turbines.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Philiippe Lavoie


Arash Naghib-Lahouti



Aerospace studies


Aerospace and defense


University of Toronto



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