Active ingredients and key antioxidants in natural skincare products

Intern will be determining active ingredients in Iceberg mist which is a toner based on iceberg water. Several tests will be conducted to determine the antioxidant potential of this product. The partner organization will be able to make a claim on the product using the information based on this project which will help in marketing and sales. Intern will also study antioxidant enzyme activities as well as antioxidant metabolites in other botanical samples including some specific berries and their leaves. Chaga and Birch sap will also be studied for their antioxidant potential. This study will help the partner organization to develop new products based in the results of the project. Overall, the partner organization will be able to improve existing products, develop new product and market their products based on the information obtained from this project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrei Igamberdiev


Poorva Vyas


I.C. Spa Products Inc.




Consumer goods


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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