Adaptable Balconies: Sustainable Development Strategies for Toronto’s Aging Neighbourhoods

The majority of mid-20th century high-rise concrete housing stock have reached the end of their first lifecycle in terms of structural integrity and environmental performance, and the urban planning ideals with which they were designed have made these neighbourhoods irrelevant to the contemporary culture of the city. Solutions for economical, structural, social and technological barriers to developing a secondary system to the building envelope and the restructuring of existing balconies for the overall renewal of tower neighbourhoods will be investigated and proposed in this project. In this process, high-density infill projects and as well as smart building technologies and strategies will be investigated. This project will be conducted in partnership with Diamond Schmitt Architects, and the benefits to the partner include the gaining specialized expertise in infill development and re-densification of existing neighbourhoods, social sustainability, and smart city design and technologies. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Carl Haas


Sheida Shahi


Diamond Schmitt Architects


Engineering - civil






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