Adapting methods for assessing the impacts of innovation support programs for application to Canada’s clean energy innovation ecosystem

This research project is being undertaken in partnership with The Evidence Network Inc. It will extend the company’s scientifically-based method of assessing the impact of innovation support programs to the clean energy innovation sector. To keep this kind of assessment method scientifically sound requires customization for each particular industry. The established methods have been widely applied in the IT and medical fields, but not yet in the energy sector. When assessing success in a new sector, it is critical to account for differences in program goals, stakeholders, and the nature of the sector – as this project will do. As Canada increases it commitment to clean energy innovation, this project will help The Evidence Network extend its services to this sector and contribute to making our clean energy innovation support programs more effective.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jatin Nathwani


Yonatan Strauch


Evidence Network Inc


Environmental sciences


Management of companies and enterprises


University of Waterloo



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