Adapting Sigma° software for the mining of transportation information using aerial photos as part of updates to topographical maps

Sigma° is a software application for updating topographical maps developed by Synetix for the Quebec government department for natural resources and wildlife (MNRF). The algorithm can be used to update communication channels with remote-detection images and the principle of using topographical maps to guide detection procedures. The initial version of Sigma° was developed and validated for Radarsat-1 and SPOT Panchromatic satellite images with a resolution in the order of 5 m. In the current project, Synetix was mandated by MNRF to adapt Sigma° to colour aerial photos with a resolution of 21 cm and improve detection quality, both in terms of reliability and geometric accuracy. Once it is installed at MNRF, the new version of Sigma° will save time and reduce costs in updating topographical maps (an activity that has been significantly delayed in several regions of Quebec). This project is in partnership with GEOIDE.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Francois Cavayas


Yacine Bouroubi




Geography / Geology / Earth science


Information and communications technologies


Université de Montréal



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