Additive manufacturing of high-performance polymer parts for aerospace application

Additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing, offers flexibility in manufacturing and can process a wide range of materials. In this project, polymers and composites are investigated to increase mechanical performance, and to reduce weight, cost, and lead time of candidate parts. Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) can greatly benefit from AM processes in aircraft engine components. In addition, AM can shorten the engine design cycle, and Research and Development (R&D) activities. This requires investigation of 3D printed parts and the impact of manufacturing parameters on final part properties, e.g. surface smoothness, tensile strength, etc. Available data from previous studies will be gathered and experimental testing on small-scale coupons will be used to fill gaps in data. In addition, large-scale parts will be prototyped, and their mechanical performance will be explored. Along with cost modeling, this project will help P&WC to make strategic decisions regarding the use of AM in its products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kazem Fayazbakhsh


Seyed Miri


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Aerospace studies




Ryerson University



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