Addressing homelessness in Prince Albert and surrounding community: A public policy and program evaluation approach

The proposed research project is a follow-up to the SSHRC funded Partnership Engage study entitled: “Addressing homelessness in Prince Albert: A multi-disciplinary, intersectoral approach. The purpose of the SSHRC study is to enhance the ability of PA to respond to homelessness by stimulating discussions and mutual collaboration between academic researchers, community leaders, social agencies, front-line workers, and the homeless population. The current Mitacs funded project will build upon the SSHRC study by providing a secondary analysis of project results from a public policy framework and conducting a formative evaluation of the Homeward Bound Housing First initiative. These reports will be valuable to YWCA in leveraging future funds, advocating to policy makers, and improving their own services. The intern will work closely with YWCA personnel to ensure the project meets their needs and reflects their interests at all stages.

Faculty Supervisor:

June Anonson


Jade Anderson


YWCA Prince Albert




Management of companies and enterprises




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