Addressing the Human Rights Impacts of Environmental Degradation and Climate Change on Women and Girls: An Intergenerational and Indigenous Approach to Environmental Justice

This project examines human rights impacts of natural resource development in Western Canada from the perspective of women and girls, especially Indigenous women and girls. The research will identify gaps between Canada’s relevant international human rights and environmental agreements, domestic law, policies and practises, and the lived realities of women and girls. In partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation, the interns will collaborate with environmental, Indigenous, human rights, and feminist organizations to ensure a nuanced approach to understanding the genocidal and ecocidal impacts of resource development. The human rights capacity of the David Suzuki Foundation will be bolstered by the interns’ human rights expertise, networks, and research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Margot Young;Damien Short


Annabel Webb;Zoe Craig


David Suzuki Foundation




Other services (except public administration)


University of British Columbia


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