Adenovirus vaccination platform

Vaccine industry is evolving towards more efficient manufacturing systems. Adenovirus vectored vaccines are among new promising approaches for more efficient vaccines design and production. Recombinant Ad (rAd) can be used as gene deliver vector carrying different antigens for delivery into Ag-presenting cells (APC) eliciting a targeted immune response. Alternatively, antigens can be exposed on the rAd capsid, thus presenting the antigen to the immune system. Ad-vectored vaccines are safe, stable, have a broad tropism and have a large insert capacity and can be delivered orally. Production of adenovirus-vectored vaccines is a key aspect in the acceleration of Ad-based vaccines clinical evaluation. Although the rAd manufacturing is a straightforward cell culture production process, there are several aspects of the bioprocess that remain to be optimized in order to reach high yields and high quality Ad-vaccines. Critical process parameters related to the cell culture production platform, the downstream processing and the quantification methods will be reassessed for higher productivity and process robustness.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amine Kamen


Ernest Milian


PnuVax SL Biopharmaceuticals Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




McGill University



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