Advanced Co-simulation Algorithms for EMT Simulation of Power System Transients

Modern electric power systems are complicated, large-scale dynamical systems that need specialized tools and techniques for their computer modeling and simulation. This is due to the unprecedented penetration of renewable energy sources and use of high-frequency power electronic converters. This proposal aims to develop algorithms and methods for co-simulation of modern power systems using dynamic phasor and electromagnetic transient (EMT) type simulators. By taking advantage of the computational relief that dynamic phasors provide the co-simulator to be developed will offer marked reduction in computing time compared to existing EMT simulators while retaining a great degree of accuracy. This will enable simulation of very large power systems with high accuracy and low computational burden.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shaahin Filizadeh


Janesh Kumar Rupasinghe


Manitoba Hydro International Ltd


Engineering - computer / electrical





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