Advanced non-destructive testing solutions for mass concrete and deepfoundations

This project aims to develop an improved methodology for condition assessment of mass concrete structures and deep foundations using customized NDT solutions and an integrated approach. The project builds on recent advances developed by the project partner (FPrimeC Solutions) and the academic research group (uOttawa) for next-generation NDT products and services. Assessing the condition of large foundations and other mass concrete structures is complex, yet critical for the protection and maintenance of valuable infrastructure assets. The results of this research collaboration, and the technology developed, will serve to consolidate FPrimeC’s position as a market leader in this field. The guidelines produced during this work will also benefit infrastructure owners and the industry at large by enabling better and more cost-efficient management strategies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Noel


Thomas Tingson


FPrimeC Solutions Inc


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Ottawa



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