Advanced photogrammetric data capture and data analysis for improved rehabilitation planning and infrastructure spending

This project will evaluate methods of capturing images in underground hydroelectric facilities for the purpose of generating 3D models to be used for inspection. These facilitates are very dark, wet, and large with complicated geometries. Capturing images in these environments suitable for 3D modelling is challenging and, in some cases, not possible with current technology. Methods of analysing the 3D models, as well as automating the analyses, will also be investigated. Current methods of analysis are labour intensive and lack concise metrics to describe condition. The results of this research will help infrastructure owners optimize infrastructure spending and provide the partner organization with new knowledge and tools that will give it a competitive advantage in the industry. This project will also provide the building blocks for future research

Faculty Supervisor:

Lloyd Waugh


Sarath Veeturi


Bradley Engineering Ltd






University of New Brunswick



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