Advanced Sensor Fusion for Visual Inertial Odometry and Object Identification in Dynamic Indoor Environments

Industrial robots have set important milestones in the era of automated manufacturing by carrying out dangerous and repeatable tasks in the place of humans for over half a century. In this century, professional and mobile service robots are going to play the key role as human counterparts and caregivers in both industrial and daily-life setting. Similar to industrial robots, mobile service robots will take on the dangerous and dull aspects of service tasks, freeing time and cognitive demand on human service worker, allowing the worker to make better choices in high level decision making and planning. In the context of indoor mobile service robots, as a prerequisite for performing a specific task, the robot must know how to locate itself and a target object. As a result, the robot must be equipped with a navigation system that is capable of dealing with uncertainties in social environments. Moreover, the robot must be equipped with machine perception to perform tasks demanded by humans. Though techniques exist, very few are found to be adequate in meeting modern demands […]

Faculty Supervisor:

Trung Ngo


Xuan Tung Truong


A & K Robotics




Information and communications technologies




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