Advancement of bio-processing technology for ginseng polysaccharides: a model for value-added medicinal plant polysaccharides development

This proposed project focuses on American ginseng (AmG), a natural herb native to Canada that has been used as a traditional medicine for many generations. Southern Ontario has become the World’s largest producer of AmG with annual sales of over $400M at the farm gate. Polysaccharides (PS) are a major active component of AmG showing various biological activities including anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, immunostimulatory and antioxidant effects. Despite of having such significant pharmacological activities, they have limited bioavailability due to their physicochemical properties including molecular size, heterogeneity, and solubility. Herein, advanced state-of-the-art technologies including nanosizing and encapsulation will be employed for enhancing penetration, absorption and controlled delivery. In addition, fluorescent dye labelling of PS will be developed to allow the tracking of PS. Pharmacology of these innovative health products will be studied to evaluate their safety and delivery efficacy. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Charpentier


Kazi Farida Akhter


Western Phytoceutica Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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