Advancing a novel therapeutic for the prevention of hypoglycemia inType 1 diabetes and establishing proof of concept in Type 2 diabetes

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is a phenomenon that results from excess insulin or strenuous exercise in diabetic patients. If untreated, this can quickly lead to dizziness, seizures and even death. In healthy individuals, the body is able to compensate for these fluctuations and restore blood sugars to normal levels by lowering insulin and raising glucagon. In those with diabetes, they are unable to do this and struggle with hypoglycemia. The research studies outlined in this proposal addresses this urgent struggle by utilizing the individual’s own capacity to produce glucagon- a hormone instrumental in increasing blood sugar, thereby elevating blood sugar levels to prevent hypoglycemia. Our proposed research aims to provide a viable solution to hypoglycemia prevention and thus improve existing standard of care options available.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Riddell


Ninoschka D’Souza


Zucara Therapeutics Inc




Professional, scientific and technical services


York University



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