Advancing Clean Energy in Remote Communities

As Canada looks to transition to a clean energy system, reducing diesel use in remote communities presents a significant challenge. Despite financial assistance from the federal government, the business case for clean energy projects in remote communities continues to be less than ideal. Without government support for capital costs, renewable energy projects at present are failing to attract private investment. To address this problem, this research project seeks to identify financial (e.g. market-based) tools, provincial/territorial/ and federal energy policies and programs, and regulations which might further advance the business case for renewable energy projects in remote communities, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the clean energy transition, with a focus on Indigenous-owned and led projects. As such, this project aims to better understand how Canada’s efforts to further reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples relates to and impacts sustainable energy transitions in remote communities. This research aims to inform the Pembina Institute’s collaborative efforts with the federal government to accelerate diesel reduction efforts in remote communities in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexandra Mallett


Jessica Leis


Pembina Institute


Resources and environmental management


Other services (except public administration)


Carleton University



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