Advancing Climate-mediated Wetland Assessment and Change Detection using Earth Observation Data Fusion and Advanced Analytics

Quantifying the current extent of wetlands and how they have changed over the last number of years is important for understanding how wetland ecosystem services (including flood mitigation, food services, and migrating bird habitats) are sensitive to climate change. In this project, we will work with the partner organization to develop accurate methods for wetland identification and areal coverage using satellite and airborne remotely sensed data. The methods will be evaluated by the Mitacs Intern using ecological data collected at numerous boreal and parkland wetlands. In addition to this, the Mitacs Intern will quantify how wetlands are changing and the combined environmental characteristics that may make wetlands sensitive to climatic changes. The methods developed during this Mitacs internship will enable the partner organization to develop state-of-the-art methods for wetland characterization and monitoring, which are expected to increase revenue streams and continued collaboration with future industry partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Laura Chasmer


Nicholas Cuthbertson


Hatfield Consultants


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Lethbridge



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