Advancing Climate-Ready Fisheries in BC and Canada

Climate change is rearranging the distribution of ocean life and threatening the viability of world-wild fisheries that people depend on for food, income and well-being. While ample evidence shows the impacts of climate change on fisheries, British Columbia (BC) and Canada are lagging behind in developing the science and solutions needed to help west coast fisheries be more responsive and resilient. This Mitacs intern will produce a summary of the results from a survey that assesses commercial fisher’s perspectives on the vulnerability of BC fisheries, along with a public report that presents an overview of the state of knowledge regarding the vulnerability of BC fisheries and best practices being applied elsewhere to make fisheries more adaptive. These outcomes will provide a key knowledge foundation and help Nature United engage industry, organizations, researchers, and government partners to develop future actions and initiatives that build more ‘climate-ready’ and adaptive BC fisheries

Faculty Supervisor:

Natalie Ban


Sarah Harper


Nature United (ON)


Environmental sciences


Other services (except public administration)


University of Victoria


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