Advancing Fatigue Risk Mitigation with EEG Fatigue-Detection: A Field Study

Fatigue has been acknowledged as a priority issue in human factors contributing to injury in most industries. Of significant concern are drivers operating haulage equipment in the mining industry, who are exposed to monotonous working conditions. This risk exposure might be mitigated if fatigue can be detected and managed. Recent advancements in wearable technologies proport to detect fatigue through electroencephalography (EEG). Since fatigue detection technology cannot prevent fatigue from occurring, and it cannot mitigate fatigue once it is detected these devices should be implemented within the context of a broader fatigue risk management systems (FRMS). This project will: determine whether live-feedback from an EEG fatigue-detection device can enhance a FRMS; this includes an assessment of usability and uptake by mobile equipment operators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dominique Gagnon;Sandra Dorman;Bruce Oddson


Emily Tetzlaff


Torex Gold Resources Inc.





Laurentian University



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