Advancing Innovations in Affordable Housing Development in Ottawa

In an era of declining public spending, cities across Canada are in the grips of an affordable housing (and corresponding homelessness) crisis. Last year, in Ottawa, nearly 7,000 people stayed in an emergency shelter and more than 10,000 households were on a waitlist for affordable housing in Ottawa. Through targeted policy research and semi-structured key informant interviews with City of Ottawa staff, non-profit housing providers and private sector real estate developers, the project will analyze the City of Ottawa’s housing and planning policies to identify how existing policies can be used to better effect in order to increase the number of affordable housing units built annually in Ottawa. The study will also investigate best practices (e.g. innovative models and partnerships in the delivery of affordable rental and ownership housing) from other jurisdictions across Canada and determine how they might be applied to new private sector-led redevelopment projects in Ottawa, including the Oblate Lands and Chaudière Falls sites, where CCOC/CAHDCO is partner.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patricia Ballamingie


Abra Adamo


Centretown Citizens of Ottawa Corporation


Environmental sciences


Construction and infrastructure


Carleton University



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