Aerodynamic Noise of High-Lift Devices Year Two

The proposed project studies the noise sources of airplane high-lift devices (HLD) that are responsible for most of the aircraft noise at approach. The latter in turn creates noise nuisances that create health issues to populations close to large urban airports. Two approaches are followed. A state-of-the art simulation that predicts most of the turbulent structures that generate the HLD noise will be performed and will serve as a reference to the development of analytical models of the HLD noise that will be integrated in a  unique software by the partner. The latter will both test his in-house simulation tools, increase his knowledge on HLD noise, and in turn could help both the Canadian aeronautic manufacturers and HLD suppliers at the design stage to propose quieter systems, and improve their competitiveness. Noise reduction devices could also be proposed in the course of the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stéphane Moreau


Pablo Salas Medina


Mecanum Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Université de Sherbrooke



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