Agent-based scheduling in community health care

In this project, the intern will design a community health care scheduling system for the allocation of home visits to care givers in community health care. The system adopts an agent-based distributed system architecture which take patients scheduling preferences on time, location and care givers into account when assigning care givers to home visit appointments. In addition, the system will also provide care givers with the opportunity to express their preferences and availability constraints in taking service appointments. Home visiting schedule is generated through negotiation between patients, care givers and the agency. An iterative bidding mechanism is embedded into the system as the negotiation protocol. Once integrated with mobile devices, the proposed scheduling system will enable system users to update their preferences and constraints in a real time manner. The system will enhance patients’ and care givers’ experience by optimizing their preferences and accommodating their constraints in the schedule execution process and, at the same time, reduce the overall costs incurred in providing community health care services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chun Wang


Mustafa Ibrahim






Medical devices


Concordia University



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