Agricultural Multi-Layer Data Fusion to Support Cloud-Based Agricultural Advisory Services

The wor and there is a need to improve food production. Precision Agriculture is known for its use of technology in agriculture with a focus on improving farm productivity while increasing profits and environmental protection. However, as the use of technology in people’s daily lives has increased, the same phenomena has been occurring in agriculture. Thus, with more technology, more information can be obtained, and a better understanding of the food production environment is the result. On the other hand, to analyse and use all the information that the different technologies in the field have produced, a determination of the best methodologies to use is required. Therefore, the objective of this project is to evaluate possible methodologies to perform the analysis with a focus on the acquisition of the most pertinent information to meet the farmers needs when deciding in managing their farms. Overall, Telus and Olds College will have as an outcome of this project, a framework for the organization and analysis of the data that has been collected in their Smart Farm program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Viacheslav Adamchuk


Felippe Hoffmann Silva Karp






Information and cultural industries


McGill University


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