AI-Based Fault Detection Development for Tele-robotically Controlled Mining Equipment

Recent years have seen many advances in the application of artificial intelligence tools in almost every industry, and the mining industry is no different. HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of systems that allow mining equipment (such as trucks) to be controlled by operators, safely and comfortably from great distances, including several kilometers underground. In order to accomplish this type of control, the company must instrument the target piece of machinery with a range of sensors, cameras and control interfaces. This research aims to employ these same signals and communication systems to detect faults and mechanical problems in the mining equipment. If successful, such a fault detection system will allow maintenance personnel to be able to catch mechanical faults early, before they become serious, costly and potentially unsafe. The intern working on the project will learn how to apply valuable tools required to develop fault detection systems as well as gain a insight to the area of mining machinery and tele-operation systems. The company HLS, will gain market advantage if their products can offer the additional functionality of detecting faults in the equipment that their systems control.

Faculty Supervisor:

Markus Timusk


Samuel Cull


HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc.





Laurentian University



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