AI Shading – An energy efficient Smart Blind technology

Increased energy consumption across the world for heating and cooling indoor living spaces has been a major contributor to global greenhouse gas production. As per 2015 statistics, buildings account for 76% of global electricity consumption and approx. 35% of that energy consumption is for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation. To combat climate change it is imperative to reduce our power consumption. To address this problem we are collaborating with 26 Celsius to build an automatic smart blind technology trademarked “AI Shading” capable of autonomously deciding when to open and close the blinds to promote maximum energy efficiency. AI Shading has the potential to cut down energy consumption for ventilation and air conditioning significantly during the peak energy demand times using the position of the sun, outside temperature, elevation of the window from the ground to decide when to open and close the blinds to keep the house warm or cool.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eleni Stroulia


Jashwanth Reddy Sarikonda


26 Celsius


Computer science




University of Alberta



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