Aiding in the Design of an Efficient, Robotic System for Manufacturing Scalable Models

Precix is a leading manufacturer of CNC routers, dispensers, engravers and laser cutting systems. The goal of this project concerns the optimal design of a robotic finisher which is, in part, a novel manufacturing process used to replicate and scale-up 3D models. Applications are mainly in the movie and art industries. In these fields, there is the need to replicate few copies which generally have highly-detailed shapes. This project will focus on the system design of the robotic finisher and on the optimal design of its robotic head. Flexibility and precision are the main requirements of the system. The close collaboration between the industrial and academic partners will allow for the development of a system with cutting edge performance, suitable for the potentially growing market which has been identified.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Carlo Menon


Merle Kinkade


Precix Advanced Cutting Technologies




Mining and quarrying


Simon Fraser University



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