Aircraft Piston Engine Detonation Measurements and Data Analysis

Aircraft piston engines are widely used for aviation in North America and still use leaded fuel. 100 octane low-lead (100LL) aviation gasoline (avgas) is the common fuel used in aviation that contains lead in the form of Tetra-ethyl Lead (TEL). The TEL additive is mainly used to modulate the aviation gasoline octane levels to avoid knock and engine failure. This lead additive is harmful for the environment and it has been phased out in the automotive industry in the 1970-1980’s and completely phased out in 1993 in Canada and 1996 in the United States. Despite extensive efforts to find an unleaded replacement fuel for aircraft piston engines in the 1990’s, no fuel that meets all the requirements was found and therefore aviation industry has been exempt from the leaded fuel ban. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Koch


Khashayar Ebrahimi


Canadian Owners and Pilots Association


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


University of Alberta



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