Alberta Diversification and Organizational Resilience Project

The aim of this project is to research and develop tools to assess and aid the diversification of organizations in the province of Alberta. Alberta is rich in resources, both tangible and intangible. Nevertheless, the price of oil, Alberta’s dependence on this tangible resource and related service have skewed the Province’s investment and entrepreneurial profile. There is a call from private and public sectors to once again diversify the production and service base of the Province’s economy.
In order to help address this diversification issue, we hope to: a) develop an analytic tool to measure diversification over time across the various sectors of the economy, b) identify some mechanisms used in similar economies, and our own, for diversifying; and c) create a small “data bank” of organizations that are able to adapt to the economic shocks (resilient organizations). In this way, we can bolster the Alberta Council of Technologies overall mission to identify new economic opportunities for organizations and employees.

Faculty Supervisor:

Devereaux Jennings


Youngbin Joo


Alberta Council of Technologies Society




Oil and gas


University of Alberta



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