Alberta Soil Carbon Quantification Project

There is a growing movement within the agricultural community to use a nature-based approach to soil management, emphasizing its natural ability to sequester atmospheric carbon. Soil carbon sequestration not only improves soil health and fertility, but benefits the climate (reduced GHG emissions) and watersheds (facilitates water infiltration, mitigating floods, and purification). The objectives of this study are to: i) effectively measure and monitor soil carbon sequestration to develop a protocol for a carbon offset programme; and ii) investigate the chemical, biological and physical processes within a soil that influence carbon sequestration and the effect of agricultural management practices on those processes. The proposed project will quantify the benefits of soil carbon sequestration for overall soil health, fertility and resilience. The tools and data will help functional agricultural practices to improve yields, carbon sequestration, food security, bioremediation, and drought and flood mitigation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Monireh Faramarzi


Catherine Maria Hepp


Food Water Wellness Foundation


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of Alberta


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