Algae Wastewater Treatment Rosebud Pilot

Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc, in collaboration with the University of Calgary is undertaking a research project that will pilot and validate the efficacy and robustness of algae as a wastewater treatment technology and demonstrate a new business model for municipal wastewater infrastructure. The project provides a unique opportunity to optimize system performance in a pilot scale commercial environment, on site in the community to be served by the technology. Successful completion of this study, will result in the development of a best practicable wastewater treatment technology to be used by municipalities in Alberta and across Canada, improving environmental and water quality in rural communities and generating several new employment opportunities. Wheatland County is collaborating with Symbiotic in the pilot before deploying the full scale biofield in the community of Rosebud.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hector Siegler


Vani Sankar


Symbiotic Envirotek Inc




Environmental industry


University of Calgary



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