Alkaline treated straw and micro machine technology to improve digestive health and profitability of feedlot cattle

This research will investigate use of calcium oxide treated straw (CaOS) to increase fibre levels in wheat-based feedlot cattle finishing diets. In vitro total gas production will be measured to determine the ideal treatment protocol for creation of CaOS. Further in vitro work will compare fibre digestibility of CaOS to untreated straw, barley silage and corn silage as an indicator of nutritional quality. A feeding trial using yearling steers will measure changes in animal performance when 10% silage is replaced with 12% CaOS in finishing diets. The value and necessity of feeding supplemental salt will also be investigated. By providing calcium through CaOS, it is expected that use of micro-machine technology to increase precision and efficiency in diet formulation will become a more economical and feasible option for commercial beef feedlots. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

John McKinnon


Katelyn Stehr


Gowans Feed Consulting


Animal science






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