Alternator-based Energy Regeneration Utilizing a Wheel-Roller Mechanism

Friction control plays a major role in reducing wear, noise and vibration, and managing wheel/rail interaction on rail transit systems. Recognized as a global leader in rail industry, L.B. Foster has developed innovative lubrication technology for friction management at specific sections of a railroad track. The mobile dispensing system used for friction management requires an external power source to provide power to the unit. It would be ideal if the system can include a separate power generation unit that can obtain its power from a reliable source on the railcar. One such source is the kinetic energy of the train wheel, which can be captured through an appropriate energy conversion mechanism. The objective of the proposed collaborative effort is to develop an alternator-based generation unit for the mobile dispensing system to be mounted on a railcar. In the proposed R&D activity, the SFU-LB Foster collaboration will concentrate on development of power control circuitry and its testing on a proof-of-concept testbed at LB Foster facility in Burnaby, BC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mehrdad Moallem


Yaser Roshan


L.B. Foster Rail Technologies


Engineering - mechanical


Automotive and transportation


Simon Fraser University



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