Ambulatory Clinic Schedule Optimization at Princess Margaret Hospital

The focus of this project will be to model and optimize the scheduling of clinics at PMH-assigning clinics to clinic areas and clinic timeslots. The objective will be to improve the current schedule with respect to key performance metrics. These metrics will include clinic overtime, the equality of the distribution of demand on shared resources and the volume of patients which are able to take advantage of same day inter-clinic referrals. Improvements to the current schedule will result in less overtime, more balanced demand on shared resources (e.g., blood lab), and increased patient satisfaction. In particular, coordinated scheduling between clinics will allow patients to receive a full spectrum of care in a single visit, instead of returning to the hospital multiple times. We will develop operations research models that will drive decision support tools in the scheduling of clinics at PMH.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Timothy Chan


Brendan Eagen


Princess Margaret Hospital




Life sciences


University of Toronto



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