Ammonia nitrogen removal from wastewater by anaerobic-aerobic fluidized bed

Recent decades have seen an increase in nitrogen concentration in bodies of water as a result of human activity. High nitrogen concentrations in water are toxic to humans and can be harmful to the environment. The purpose of the research project to be performed at the Zhejiang University of Technology is the study of the hydraulic characteristics associated with removal of ammonia nitrogen from wastewater treated in an anaerobic-aerobic fluidized bed bioreactor. There is a need to study the hydraulic characteristics of the proposed process in order to determine optimal reactor conditions for ammonia nitrogen removal. The goal of this study is to
see if high removal efficiencies of both nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand (COD) are possible in the proposed process. Removal efficiencies of greater than 90% for nitrogen and greater than 80% for COD are expected.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jesse Zhu


Quinton Cleghorn



Engineering - chemical / biological



Western University


Globalink Research Award

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