This internship with AMSSA, an affiliation of agencies providing immigrant settlement and multicultural services to communities, will survey and analyze all types of services for immigrants already being offered by AMSSA’s member agencies across BC through their broad-ranging service funder relationships. Generally speaking, each BC immigrant-serving agency holds a small number of “core” BC Ministry of Attorney General Settlement and Adaptation Program service contracts which allow for a basic range of information and referral, volunteer matching and ESL services. However, in addition to their core settlement services, AMSSA’s member agencies have developed service relationships with other federal, provincial, municipal and private funders to deliver additional immigrant services in areas including health, seniors, youth, employment, family counselling, domestic violence, and community capacity development. The purpose of this research is to ‘learn from the front-line’ about the full range of services that have historically been developed at the community level to meet particular newcomer needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Grant Charles


Easter Tocol


Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies of BC (AMSSA)


Social work




University of British Columbia



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