An analysis and evaluation of youth-focused on-the-land programming in Canada’s North.

The Canadian North (defined as the three territories and Inuit Nunangat) has a wide variety of on-the-land programming. These programs are important in transferring knowledge from previous generations and inspiring the youth of the future. Various regional organizations have created their own on-the-land programs which are targeted to a variety of groups: youth; men; at-risk-teens, and focus on various topics: governance; Indigenous knowledge, or simply getting out on the land. Some examples include: Kelly Lake Cultural Camp in the Sahtu Region of the NWT; Going Off, Going Strong program in Nunatsiavut and; Huchá Hudän Field School in the Yukon.
This research will document various on-the-land programs, specifically youth-focused initiatives in the Canadian North, and evaluate implementation effectiveness of such programs. The research will also explore components of success/’best practices’ and highlight some of the common program challenges across the Canadian North. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Bronwyn Hancock


Lawrence Ignace


Gordon Foundation


Public administration


Aboriginal affairs




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