An Analysis of Flax Breeding Programs in Western Canada

Canada is the largest producer of flax in the world and the demand for flax is expected to increase significantly due to its proven health benefits. At the same time, the number of flax breeding programs in Western Canada has recently decreased from three programs to just one breeding program. The producer funded Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax) is contemplating an expansion of flax breeding activity to address the deficit. The objective of this project is to undertake an economic assessment of the breeding requirements for flax industry in Western Canada and to develop a business plan with several options to scale up breeding operations in the Crop Development Center at the University of Saskatchewan. The knowledge created in this project will allow the SaskFlax to make informed decisions about investing in additional flax breeding. Experience in other crops suggests that these investments could create substantial economic benefits for flax producers and the industry as a whole.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Gray


Katarzyna Bolek-Callbeck


Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission


Resources and environmental management


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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