An analysis of the potential for Nova Scotia’s COMFIT program’s to improve the province’s energy security

To meet the targets set out in Nova Scotia’s Renewable Electricity Plan (REP) on April 2010, the province is establishing a Community Feed-In-Tariffs (COMFIT) program, which sets out to encourage communities to develop renewable energy projects. The REP stipulates that 100 megawatts of renewable electricity projects are to be supplied through COMFIT. The proposed research project will document the challenges and opportunities that Wind Prospect Inc. and other respective stakeholders face in developing renewable energy prospects for the Nova Scotia COMFIT program. The final research paper produced will inform Wind Prospect and other interested individuals for identifying and addressing policy barriers posed by COMFIT and relevant legislation. It is my hope that the research can be a useful tool for Wind Prospect Inc in developing successful COMFIT projects and applications. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kate Sherren


Sheila Lucas


Wind Prospect Inc.


Resources and environmental management


Alternative energy


Dalhousie University



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