An assessment of women’s abortion experiences in Istanbul, Turkey.

This research project investigates the experiences of women accessing abortions in Istanbul, Turkey. I will conduct interviews with approximately 40 women about their abortion experiences and their experiences with family planning and other reproductive services. I will also interview relevant figures in Istanbul who can speak about the quality of reproductive healthcare in Istanbul, including doctors, politicians, and activists. Although abortion is legal in Turkey, the political climate toward women’s reproductive rights has become increasingly hostile in the last five years. The current President of Turkey has tried to restrict or ban abortion, emergency contraception (e.g. Plan B®) and C-sections. Turkish women have reported difficulty accessing these services therefore my study will help us understand the current access to and quality of reproductive services in Istanbul. I aim to publish two articles in peer-reviewed journals and provide a report of my findings to share through women’s rights networks in Istanbul. I expect that my findings may help support advocacy efforts to protect women’s reproductive rights in Turkey.

Faculty Supervisor:

Angel Foster


Kate MacFarlane






University of Ottawa



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